Love tales from small screen

It’s Valentine’s Day and television is love-struck. Literally. Over the years we have seen numerous instances of on screen co-stars being struck by cupid in telly land.Hyderabad Times speaks to a few on how they manage to retain their romance in spite of rigorous and erratic work schedules.
Karan Mehra (dating actor Nisha Rawal): I met Nisha when she was working in the film Hastey Hastey — I had designed Nisha’s outfits for the film. Our friendship slowly developed into romance and we stood by one another through difficult times. She was the one who convinced me to discontinue designing and focus on my acting career. She is the love of my life.

Mazher Sayyed (dating actor Moulli Ganguly): Between the two of us, Moulli is the romantic one. She insists that I surprise her with gifts, but finally she ends up choosing whatever she wants because she knows I’m no good at that. Our first V-Day, back in 2001, was a disaster because we couldn’t get reservations at a restaurant and even failed to get food home-delivered. So we had instant noodles for dinner and muffins for dessert. Everyday is V-Day for us, but yes today, we’ll do something special.

Rajesh Kumar (married to actor Madhavi): I believe that forced separation helps in keeping the romance in the relationship alive. As a couple, Madhavi and I spend 12 to 15 hours apart due to work commitments. But in a way it’s good, because whenever we get time to be together, we cherish every moment and there is no time to fight. Today I’m shooting all day long. If Madhavi has planned something then it will be a surprise for me.
Ali Merchant (dating actor Sara Khan): If you worship your beloved then time or place don’t matter when it comes to the romance in the relationship. There have been numerous instances when we haven’t been able to meet due to our erratic work schedule. But the best part is, when I wrap up early I drop on the sets to meet her and vice versa. Plus, we often take off during the weekends whenever possible. It’s romantic and helps us re-connect.

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