Roshni Chopra’s fitness mantra

TV actress and host of Comedy Circus-Teen KaTadkaa, Roshini Chopra who is making her Bollywood debut through Phirr, shares her work-out routine with us.

What is your diet during winters?
During the winters, I change my diet to all the seasonal fruits and veggies available. For example, I love chikoo and saag which are both good to eat in the cold months. Also, I alter my cuisine depending on the local cuisine of the place I’m shooting in.

Tell us about your work out regime?
My exercise regime is 3 -4 times week, Ashtanga yoga with my trainer Dinesh who comes home. We also combine core training and keep innovating our sessions. No workout is the same. Also whenever I get the chance, I love to swim.

What kind of yoga practices you do?
I believe in the more classical form of yoga. Apart from Suryanamaskars, we incorporate asanas for different parts of the body.
And always finish up with breathing exercises -paranoiacs. It’s a holistic approach for the mind and body 🙂

When shooting, how do you manage your exercise and diet?
The toughest thing is to manage diets while shooting. – need to eat almost every 2 hours, so I carry mini meals with me like peanuts, cheese slices, coconut water and I try to incorporate lots of paneer and boiled eggs as my source of protein. Mostly I would say healthy nutrition is not a diet that lasts a few weeks, it’s a lifestyle that needs to be adopted forever.

For your international project what kind of preparations you are doing?
I can’t talk about this project as its too early comment on it.

Report By: Dhanashree Kulkarni

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