Shreya Ghoshal in troubles with her sari

Shreya Ghoshal one of the six captains of Star Plus’ Music Ka Maha Muqqabla, easily captures the difficulties of sur and taal. However, the girl had to face a tough time when it came to conquering her costume- the traditional Indian sari!According to our source, “For the upcoming episode that is to be aired this weekend, Shreya had to make an entry, where she had to climb the steps to the stage while simultaneously mouthing a few lines from the soundtrack that was being played. However, Shreya kept stumbling during the shoot, because the nails on the steps kept pulling at her sari. The poor thing couldn’t decide on what to concentrate more, the singing or the sari.”

The source goes on, “Eventually Shreya asked if she could skip the first few steps, and when the director gave the go ahead, Shreya started climbing the steps from halfway and made the intended grand entry.”

Adds the source, “Shreya’s challenger in this episode, Shankar Mahadevan, showered Shreya with compliments. Shankar said Shreya looks so gorgeous that she already seems like a winner. And that he doubted whether he would win. Shreya replied gracefully that even if Shankar lost it he should take it as a compliment because Shreya considers him his guru and the victory of a student is always a compliment for the teacher. Shankar too said that he will be happy if indeed Shreya won the face-off.”

To know whether Shreya can break the winning momentum of Shankar or not, tune in this Saturday at 9pm on Star Plus.

Report By: Susan Jose

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