Republic day celebration on Music Ka Mahamuqqabla

The spirit of Republic day will be on with full swing on Amul Music Ka Maha Muqqabla.With an equally charged up audience, all our captains along with their teams will celebrate the spirit of Republic Day with great fervor.The enthusiastic audience holding white, green and saffron flags along with the non-playing captains, Shankar, Shaan, Mohit and Himesh wearing tri-colour ribbons on their wrists; with an amazing fortitude will sing Vande Mataram (original National Song) to salute the nation. Each of our captains’ will share their messages for our audience.As Shaan begins with, “I Urge the people of this country, to not to divide India. We are one nation, and lets be unified to develop our country further”.

Whereas a proud Himesh says, “Today, we are in a position where the economy of the world is dependent on India. Har Kadam par Hindustan ki Jay ho!” Shankar promises to bring peace through music and Mohit pledges, “Today we take a pledge to make the country better. We, the citizens are responsible to preserve our precious wildlife and environment”.

As a tribute and respect to this auspicious day, Aneek from Shreyas Superstars will sing “Rang De Basanti” which will surely remind you of being a responsible Indian. This Sunday the shows goes tricolor.

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