Love track in Dill Mill Gayye

Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye seems to be headed towards yet another love story, that is of Riddhima and Sid. Cinevistaas saw a jump from 0.3TVR to 0.6 TVR, with the comeback of Riddhima (Jennifer Winget).An Indya source, “The channel is very happy with the rise in the TRP’s and is looking forward to developing chemistry between Sid (Karan Washy) and Riddhima. The channel is convinced that they can weave a fresh love story between Sid and Riddhima”.Further our source told us, “The recent episodes have already shown Sid and Riddhima getting involved in a fight, and the very fact that they cannot stand each other and now Sid has challenged Riddhima that he will win the match and if he does then she has to kiss him so this indicates that a love story is about to come.

The channel will not be starting with the love story immediately. They will give it a bit of time, and will keep showing clashes and a war of words between Riddhima and Sid. They will also keep a tab on the viewer responses and will proceed with the love story if all falls in place”.

We spoke to Jennifer Winget aka Dr.Riddhima, “I really don’t know about the further progress of the track and I am happy that show is doing well.”

In the coming episodes in the show there would be flash back scene where it will be shown that Dr. Shashank (Mohnish Behl) was the one who had asked Armaan to get away from his daughter’s life forever.

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