Tina and Rashmi: the catfights continue!

Tina Dutta aka Ichcha of Uttaran was having fun in Sony’s circus- Teen Ka Takdatill her co-actor Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) found her way in the show as a wild card entrant. The two do not share a cordial relationship and Tina is reportedly very upset with Rashmi’s entry in the show.Rashmi hosted an episode of the show and she even performed once, but only after Tina was eliminated from the show. Rashmi was appreciated for her stint and since the show has got an extension the producers roped in Rashmi-Vikrant Massey-Rajeev Nigam as the new tigdi in the show.

Rashmi and Tina who were friends at one time, can’t seem to stand each other as both ensure to not cross each other’s paths. The two it seems are trying their best to avoid each other.

Tina was not aware of Rashmi entering the show so she was upset when Rashmi did. On the very first day, Rashmi apparently made it clear that she will not share screen space with Tina. Rashmi makes sure that Tina is nowhere in the vicinity when she is giving her shots! Both of them refuse to share the same make-up artist.

A source informs, “Till now we all had heard that the two do not get along each other, but we never imagined that the situation is so worse. Tina and Rashmi make sure that one of them leaves the sets while the other is performing. They refuse to be on the same stage leave alone sharing screen space in the show.”

The source adds, “The day Rashmi was to enter the show Tina was seen in a very bad mood. She was getting irritated at small things and kept yelling and shouting at everyone. She spent most of her time in her make-up room and came out only to perform her act. After her act was over she left the sets saying she was unwell and had some other work to finish.”

Both Tina and Rashmi remained unavailable for comments.

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