What is Devi all about?

In 2010, NDTV imagine is launching a new show called Devi, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms and this show is based on a true life incident that brings to light the superstitions prevailing in rural India.An Indya source tells us, “This is the story of a young innocent girl child, Laxmi, who is considered as the reincarnation of a Goddess. Laxmi is born to an extremely poor family in a drought stricken village, craving for rain. Her father, who is in no position to feed her, decides to abandon her in the village temple.

Further our source told us, “However, at that very moment, the rain gods smile on the village and the 3-year long drought is broken. Laxmi is proclaimed to be the bearer of this good fortune and is bestowed the status of a Goddess. While she receives special care and attention, she is also forced to lead an abnormal life, very different from a regular girl her age. The story traces Devi’s exploitation at the hands of the village, entrenched in blind faith and superstition.TV actors like Hemant Pandey and Nimai Bali play important roles while the rest of the cast has new actors.”

We spoke to the producer Shyam Bhattacharya who said, “Devi is our new show which we are planning to launch in the next 15 days and we are working for the first time with NDTV imagine, right now it is not the correct time to speak about the show.”

The show is set to release on 18th Jan at a prime time slot (Monday to Friday)

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarni,

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