Sneha Wagh’s sunshine salwar!

Sneha Wagh is very happy that her character Jyoti in NDTV Imagine is back to wearing salwar kameezes!According to our source, “When Sneha started shooting, her character was unmarried and sported an assorted array of bright colored salwar kameezes. It brought out Jyoti’s true nature. The salwar kameezes are not the usual kind where the salwar matches with the dupatta. They are wild combinations that can be carried off only by someone like Jyoti.”The source adds, “Jyoti is back to leading a single life, as her husband Pankaj (Sarwar Ahuja) suspects whether the child growing inside her is truly is his. Jyoti instead of bearing up the blame of infidelity has chosen to stay away from her husband. This has given her a chance to wear salwar- kameezes instead of saris. Even Sneha personally is very happy as she is much more comfy in salwar-kameez.”

We spoke to Sneha Wagh to know about the future steps that Jyoti would take to save her marriage that’s falling apart. “Jyoti, while maintaining distance from Pankaj will try make him realize that he is doing something wrong by suspecting her. However, even after Pankaj realizes his mistake, Jyoti may choose to lead a single life as she is independent and strong. Pankaj has questioned her integrity and Jyoti cannot take it lightly,” tells us Sneha.

Well, we just hope Jyoti’s marriage is fixed without her having to change her dress code!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

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