Parul Chauhan goes for a minor surgery..

Parul Chauhan was spotted in a gorgeous velvet outfit in the launch party of REEL IN AND REAL OUT (RIRO), the Acting Academy organized by friends Sara and Ali Merchant, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal.Though Parul was in full form, savouring every moment of the occasion, she had some medicine smeared around her neck which was very obvious to the eye!!On questioned, Parul told us, “I had developed some boils on my neck, which got worsened with an insect bite in the same area. The doctor told me that the infection had spread, and he had to operate upon and remove the boils. The surgery was very minor, and I underwent it.

I could not put a bandage and close my wound, as I had to resume shoot and could not afford to have the bandage seen prominently in my scenes. So I have been using this ointment so that no further infection is caused due to the exposure of the wound”.

All we can say is that, there is no gain without pain!!

Report By: Ranjini Nair

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