Kinshuk reveals his second-love

Relax girls, Kinshuk Mahajan’s second love is writing scripts.Kinshuk tells us, “When I was doing my directing course in Delhi, a sir gave me a tattered photograph of two young boys and asked me to write a script on that. That was the first push. Later I realized that I am very much interested in this field.”Talking about his favorite genres of writing Kinshuk says, “I like to write love stories, suspense and supernatural phenomena. I’m presently working on a script that involves all these three elements. I hope to make a proper commercial Bollywood film on it one day.”

The actor further tells us, “Acting will always be my priority and my first love. But I have a keen interest on scriptwriting too. In fact I feel, all actors should have a basic idea about behind the camera work. This will make them appreciate their job more and also help in their individual development.”

“I always keep interacting with Rajan sir regarding the technical aspects of film making. Sometimes, I read on IF (India-Forums), people giving suggestions regarding storyline. I add or subtract my views on it and ask Rajan sir if we can include those ideas in the upcoming script. I learn a lot from him and don’t be surprised if my script is made into a Bollywood film with Rajan sir as producer,” he ends with a chuckle.

Report By: Susan Jose

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