Hiten-Gauri talks about their twins

TV’s golden couple Hiten and Gauri Tejwani, life has taken a complete 360-degree turn after the arrival of two angels in their life.The twins (a boy named Nevaan and a girl named Katya) came into their lives in November and the lives of the parents now revolve around the newborns.Hiten who is a proud father said in the recent interview, “Our lives have changed completely. Everything depends on when the kids are awake, when they are hungry and when they are crying or even happy. To be honest we do not complaint about it as it’s actually a great feeling. And whenever we get time between serving our prince and princess, we manage to eat our meals and go about our daily work.”

Gauri echoes the same feelings. “It’s a great feeling to communicate with our children in their language. Now, when they cry, we are worried and we smile when they have a smile on their face. I can’t depict the wonderful feelings of motherhood in words,” she also said this in an interview

About the break Hiten said, “I intend to continue like that, for the next one or two months. Earlier, I used to work for at least 16-17 hours everyday, but this time I am not going to go for anything beyond 12 hours. I am going to follow a fixed timetable unlike earlier when I had no clue about a scheduled thanks to the multiple shows I was doing. I don’t want to get back to work immediately since I know Gauri needs me by her side at this moment,” he ends.

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