Cyber miscreant attacks Juhi Parmar

Cyber-Pervert plays a puke-inducing prank on a famous social networking website using television actress Juhi Parmar’s name. The actress is obviously furious.Juhi tells us, “I was shocked when a few of my friends called me up to ask if I’ve opened a new Facebook account. When I denied they told me about an account that goes by my name and asks aspiring female actors to send their bikini clad pictures for an upcoming film which supposedly I’m making. The account also claims that I’m in UK preparing for the shoot. The pervert behind this nasty scheme has such a twisted mind, that he has given an option to the girls to give online auditions with their bikinis on.”

Juhi goes on, “It’s not an unusual case where an actor’s fake id has been created. However, those pranksters just chat and never cross a certain line. This is just too much. It is my moral duty to inform all the girls out there to warn them about this issue. I also want to put this message out that, any audition will be held with complete transparency in a proper studio and not in such a shady manner.”

“I’m taking all measures possible to teach this sick person a lesson. I will soon be lodging a complaint with the cyber crime branch of Mumbai police. I’m also putting word out on all forms of media so that the damage can be curbed as soon as possible,” signs off Juhi.

Report BY: Srividya Rajesh

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