I don’t mind being called Nakusha all my life! – Mahhi Vij

Mahhi Vij portrays the complicated character of Nakusha on Colors’ and Playtime Creations’ Laagi Tujhse Lagan. Here she talks about the depth of her character, the message of the show and gives out her personal message to the audience.

What made you take up Laagi Tujhse Lagan?
The fact that it’s a very different show. It’s not regular. It came across to me as challenging. Plus, the show is on Colors, prime time. And whatever shows Colors does it’s all meaningful. So I took it up.

Tell us about your character.
My character Nakusha, is a very chirpy young girl. She loves her family to death. She knows what’s best for her. She loves taking care of her family. She is especially sensitive to her mother. She quietly understood when her mother tried to hide her real face from the world. Even though it was difficult she did not complain because she trusted her mother so much that she knew it’s all done for her own good.

Any specific preparations you had to do, to portray Nakusha?
Yes, I had to watch a lot of Marathi shows as I’m a Punjabi and Nakusha is a Maharashtrian. And I also took a lot of help from Chinmayee Sumeet who helped me get the proper twang.

Do you relate to Nakusha at all?
Yes, even though she might seem very far-fetched from me, I do relate to her. There are a lot of similarities. I love my family to death like the way she does. I seem to be a patient person like her. I’ll go to any extent and do just about anything for my mom. And (laughs) Nakusha’s mother has diabetes and so does mine!

Is there any particular difficulty when it comes to portraying her?
No particular difficulty as such. But after every shot I keep questioning myself whether I did it right or wrong…

Tell us about your equation with your experienced co-actors…Chinmayee and Kaliji who play my on-screen parents are great! I’m lucky to get a chance to work with them. I get to learn a lot from them every single day. And it’s a pleasure to work with actor Pawan Malhotra.

What are your opinions on the prejudice that most people hold towards dark skin?
Frankly, I fail to understand it! In every newspaper or online matrimonial ad, a specific line demands that the prospective bride be fair. But how can you marry a fair-skinned girl who cannot adjust with your family? I think one should look what a person is like from within.

How much will this show contribute in changing their attitude?
I think it has already started to bring about a change in people’s attitude and I’m sure this is just the beginning which will a go a long way further. I just want to say this to people that love a person with your heart and looking at the heart, instead of superficial things.

Have you come across such girls who have to bear isolation due to any reason?
I haven’t come across any such girl in real life but I’m sure there are lots of girls like that. I want to pass this message to those girls that they should keep away from all such people who comment or behave negatively towards them. I want them to be with people who are positive and who don’t bother about any problem that they suffer from.

For the first time, you had done make-up that made you look bad. Tell us about that experience.
Ahh…well it was messy (laughs). With that make-up even if I wanted to, I couldn’t leave the sets and go out for a walk. Now, we’re shooting in Colaba, we have a very nice market here. So whenever I get a break I just go out and do a little shopping. I’m not required to be confined to one place.

Will there be a romantic angle in Nakusha’s life?
Well, if you’ve seen the promos then its obvious that there is an impending romantic angle in Nakusha’s life. Every girl has a dream man. I’m sure Nakusha too has. And I too want Nakusha to have romance in her life very soon (laughs).

Are you happy playing Nakusha?
Yes, of course I am! I don’t mind being called Nakusha all my life!

Were you always inclined towards acting?
Yes, I was always…right from my school days. And I’m just thankful to my family for supporting my dream and all that it took to make it a reality.

Report By: Susan Jose

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