Abhishek Bachchan: Doing Bingo is little bit scary

Abhishek Bachchan follows father Amitabh Bachchan’s footsteps and does a television stint with Colors’ Bingo!

He talks about the show and his experience being on one of world’s most famous chat show- The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Over to Abhishek…

We have seen such a type of show earlier on TV where Javed Jaffery was involved?
Yes, but this is the first time you can sit at home and play. It’s a huge undertaking to provide as many tickets as possible to the audience and to make it interactive with the home viewing audience.

The show is an adaptation of an international show. Did you watch the show? Have you taken any tips from them?
Yes, the production house showed me few episodes of the show which was telecasted in Australia. But the style of entertainment is different. We Indians want lot of colors and celebration. There it’s just a game play. Here we try to mix with studio audience and viewers watching from home. Here we are presenting the show with an Indian Tadka to it.

You were a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show and now she is retiring, you want to say something about her?
Oprah is one of the warmest personalities I have ever met. Aishwarya was a guest once before whereas for me it was the first time. Despite being such a huge name, being such a busy media personality… before going on air she spends some time with the guests and audience which really appeals to me. We are going to miss her show.

It’s common that we see celebrities coming on daily shows to promote their film. What about you show?
We have tried to have a prefect mix of audience and celebrity involvement and personally I wanted some of my friends to come to my show as I want to play with them.

Which celebrity do you want on your show?
I want everyone to be on my show.

What about John Abraham?
Of course John! And that should be on Valentine’s day (laughs).

Will we see Ash?
Maybe…you never know (smiles naughtily).

Did you play Housie?
Yes, when I was a kid we used to go to Kashmir in summer holidays. In the early 80’s, most of the film industry used to shift to Kashmir for shooting. I remember every evening playing with my Grand mom the game Tambola. But whether at that time I won or lost, I don’t remember that.

What are the preparations you have done for your show?
I have not done any special preparations. I just wanted to go and have fun and make sure my audience like and love me. In the film, it’s the character that the audience judge but this is little bit scary because the audience will now see me and judge.

What’s more enjoyable- having the common man or celebs as guests?
I just shot in Udaipur where I saw the face of common man after winning. It’s amazing to see that!

What do you watch on TV?
Currently I am not watching anything after Big Boss. I am shooting and I don’t get time to watch TV. Otherwise, I watch news.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair

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