Nakusha’s real face to be revealed on 7th Jan

The new COLORS show Laagi Tujhse Lagan, produced by Playtime Creations has opened to a good response, with the viewers developing a soft corner for the protagonist Nakusha in the very first week!!The girl who has been subject to many a humiliations, courtesy her ugly and untidy look will go thro’ the much-talked-about makeover, this week. According to our source, “On January 7th, Nakusha’s real face will be revealed for the first time”.As we had reported earlier, Nakusha is basically a very beautiful girl who is forced by her mother to don an ugly look so that she is safe from the bad eyes of the society.

As per our source, Setji (Ajay Thakkar) and Nakusha are escaping from the clutches of the inspector More (Pawan Malhotra), when they hide themselves in a cement pool made in a construction site. More catches them red-handed and in order to know who the culprits are, asks his hawaldars to open water from a pipe on them.

And to everybody’s surprise, there comes out the real face of Nakusha who is simply gorgeous, and More cannot believe what he has just seen!!

The channel and production house have tried their best to keep Mahi Vij’s name a secret, as they wanted to bring her into the limelight only after this particular revelation in the story happens.

We tried calling Mahi Vij, but she remained unavailable.

When contacted, Producer Hemal Thakkar told us, “This particular episode is a big high point for us. You will have to watch to see how Nakusha’s beauty gets revealed”.

Well, bring it on Nakusha!!

Report By: Ranjini Nair

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