Sara Khan gets bold

Bidaai girl Sara Khan, who features on television as a true Indian bahu and daughter, speaks on Love, relationships and Casting couch in the television industry…

Tell us about your first attraction
My first attraction was Shahid Kapoor, because he is a chocolate boy, who is so cute and sweet. I got attracted to him when I saw Ishq Vishq. Till date he is so cute and I love him.

What was your first date like? How far would you go on a first date?

I am still waiting for that. If I get a chance with Shahid Kapoor for a first date, I will surely go with him. I am waiting for Shahid to come out with me, so please don’t write about it. If you write it, just don’t focus on it, so that Ali (Merchant) won’t read it. About how far I will go, till the express highway and the new sea-link! Will go for a long drive, so that till the time we come back, we will have a lot of time with each other.

Would you call yourself a flirt?
Yes, I do flirt a little. But it is harmless flirting. Also, anyone who says that he/she is not a flirt is lying.

What is your take on one night stand?
For us Indian girls, it is not at all dignified. Our culture won’t allow us to have one night stands. It is not good, but people who do enjoy such things must be very broad-minded. It’s their mentality. Good for them, but in my case, a girl should save herself for her husband or the one she wants to really be with.

How would you react if a guy made a pass at you?
I am a flirt, so I will flirt a bit with him. But if I come to know that the guy is hitting on me and that he really wants something from me, then I will maintain a distance. I will tell hi and bye…

What are your views on pre-marital sex?
If you are having sex with your boyfriend, I don’t think that it’s very bad, if you are really serious and planning to get married to the guy, then you can have sex. But if you keep changing your boyfriends, then I think it’s not good for the guy, as well as for the girl. I don’t say that pre marital sex is good, but if it’s with the guy that you are getting married to, then it is ok. See, I will tell you a natural thing, nobody in today’s world waits for marriage. In small towns, even 15-year olds are not virgin.

How much importance will you give to sex in a relationship?
I feel, for a relationship to be strong after marriage, I would rate sex as 8 on 10. Also, if they do not have sex, then they both will become homosexuals.

Have you experienced the casting couch?
No, I haven’t. I got selected to work in this industry, when I was 16 years of age and when I was in Bhopal. I didn’t go for any audition, these people came to me and that’s how I got the role. So I haven’t experienced it till date and I have never heard about it either. I just want to keep myself away from all this. But I think it might be happening because there are so many people in this industry.

What is your opinion on open marriages/open relationships?
This is not good, but I will say the same thing that I did about one-night stands. If both of them are okay with each of them seeing someone else too, then its mutual understanding. Enjoy the relationship!

Tell us about your wildest fantasy…
Please do not ask me about my wildest fantasy; it’s very wild. If I tell you, my parents will kill me and my boyfriend will ask me ‘Can you be so wild Sara?”

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