Anupriyas tresses are for real!

Anupriya Kapoor is one of the two newcomers (other one is her male love interest Nishant Malkani) in Star One’s Miley Jab Hum Tum. The girl sports quite an impressive sheet of silky long hair which interestingly, is her actual hair!When we enquired about her long tresses Anupriya says, “It’s my real hair, not any wig!”Anupriya Kapoor is the latest import from Delhi to the television industry. Originally intending to do hotel management she took up acting due to public opinion. She says, “Whenever I came to Mumbai to visit my relatives they used to tell me to try modeling or acting because they thought I had it in me. So after my 12th standard I decided to try it out and started attending various auditions. And one such audition for Endemol, landed me in MJHT!”

According to Anupriya, her character Suhani alias Nupur, strikes a balance between the characters played by Rati Pandey(Nupur) and Sanaya Irani(Gunjan). She says, “Suhani is not as outgoing and bubbly as Nupur but at the same time she is also not that sober like Gunjan. She is sophisticated, maintains a level of calmness but at the same time is not afraid to try new things.”

So what is the USP of Suhani-Adhiraj as a couple? “Mayank-Nupur and Samrat-Gunjan are very cute-couples. But the Suhani-Adhiraj pair is something you can call handsome,” Anupriya signs off.

Report By: Susan Jose

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