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Shruti Seth is back on TV by playing lead character of Isha Mirchandani, a matchmaker in Yash Raj Films’ TV show called Seth is back on TV by playing lead character of Isha Mirchandani, a matchmaker in Yash Raj Films’ TV show called spoke to Shruti Seth, “It’s a refreshing trend for everyone so I was back after a huge gap and the show has a universal theme. The show is shot on the red camera, which gives us a feel of film, so it is quite different from other TV shows and I am sure the audience will love this new trend.”

The beauty of our country is that we believe in the institution of marriage so what better is to take up the common thing that the country believes in and there is no rona dhona which is the good thing about the show and overall it’s good and a sweet spin on marriage.”

Ok,so do you believe in the institution of marriage? “Yes, I am Indian and I do believe no matter whether it’s arranged or love”…and she further said jokingly that ” this shoot is taking me so long to get married.”

Working equation with herr brother Rishabh Seth, who is the writer and director of the show she added, “I would say that I was nightmare for him as I have taken undue advantage of being an elder sister but I can say in an honest way that he is one of the most talented writer and director and I remember he just wrote this show on a small sheet of paper and showed it to Raveena Kohli from Yashraj and with this everyone knows the result that we have shot 26 hours of his total hardwork and am sure this show will be liked by every man,woman,child,elder in the country and I am proud of him.”

Tell us about

“It is a story about two partners Rohan Mehra and Isha Mirchandani who do their best to find the right match for the right people and its just about two people’s job and their daily routine, life should be a light –hearted comedy that is everyone’s wish.”

What is next after

“My next project is Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti and in that film I am a complete opposite from this character, everyone will surprised when they see me in this role in Rajneeti and I am sure even in this show my character will be loved and I will talk later on because this is not the right time to talk about it.”

So watch out for this matchmaking show on Jan 3rd, 2010, Sony TV.

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarn

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