Media grants Bebo’s wish to meet Shahid Kapoor

We all wish to meet our favorite stars. Shivshakti Sachdev, who plays the female lead in Star Plus’ Sabki Laadli Bebo, too cradled a similar wish to meet her favorite actor- Shahid Kapoor. A co-incidence and a caring attitude shown by crew members of a news channel, made Shivshakti’s dream come true.According to our source, “A news channel was supposed to meet Bebo to take her interview. But it so happened that they called up Bebo to say that they will slightly be delayed as they had to do actor Shahid Kapoor’s interview at Filmistaan Studio, Goregaon. When Shivshakti heard his name she expressed her wish to meet the star and asked if the channel people would be able to arrange for her to meet him. Co-incidentally, at that point of time even Shivshakti was shooting at Filmistaan. So it was a very convenient chance that she couldn’t afford to slip.”

The source adds, “The news channel happily obliged and Shivshakti got to meet Shahid Kapoor. She gave him a rose and a card.”

Shivshakti tells us, “I became a fan of Shahid from the moment I saw Jab We Met. I simply loved his dual performance in Kaminey. I’m glad I got to meet him.”

We are glad for Shivshakti’s wonderful rendezvous with Shahid Kapoor.

Report By: Anil Merani

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