Whatever I did was a mistake – Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma – one of the most talked about contestants of Bigg Boss 3, who gained the title of villain in the show, clears the air about all allegations put on him.
How will you define your journey in the show?
My journey was a total mixed vegetable pulau. I have got good memories- bad memories, overall it was a very mixed experience. Good in the sense I entered as an innocent child and I was playing very well in the show, and later I got trapped in the people’s manipulations and became a scapegoat. I got into planning and everyone started misusing me.”

Didn’t you realise that others are using you?
“No I did not, whatever I was doing it was unknowingly, and honestly you guys are sitting outside you are experiencing heat of sun, you are eating right, you are dressing up well, you have your parents to interact. Over there we had to stay with unknown people, whom we have never met in life, all of them had only one hope that who will go till the grand finale.

This aspect becomes so important for you that you forget your own individuality. Person should not be greedy for everything but that greed automatically comes. First of all the price money is one crore.It is important to win the show, further in the show you have been paid very well. More you stay in the house, your bank balance increases. So you tend to forget your originality. You start getting entangled in your fancies, traits. Whatever you do you don’t do it deliberately.”

We saw you giving lots of examples about teachings for Bhagvat Gita, so how come you failed to bifurcate between what is good and what is bad?
Believe me it was very difficult, in Bhagvad Gita it is also said that just do your karma and don’t wait for fruits. It always have two meanings. You cannot depend on it when you are in the show like this.

I will give you nice example suppose you are wearing this particular colour of tee shirt- your looking very good but others from your group are saying that it is looking very bad on you, then psychologically you will never repeat it. It is a mind game over there, for audience it is easy because they are just watching us, but we were there inside in front of the camera 24X7.”

Do you consider it was only because of that footage which was shown is responsible for your eviction?
It was one of the reasons; there is no doubt about it. I think I deserved it ,I was playing wrong, as I can play with anyone’s emotions. I am very proud of myself, as I was the only member from the housemates who got up and said that it was my mistake, this is not me.

Vindu and Raju who were very much part of it ,were roaming in the house with their collars up. I came from a very different background, who never faced the camera, who is not an actor, but have been so guilty about it.”

Most of your housemates commented that you are not actually feeling guilty but you are doing it for sympathy, what is your comment on it?
“Do you think I was acting when I was in that prison, I was eating only one roti over there? Did you see that test which BB conducted, where they asked me that am I really regretting whatever I did and I
said yes. It came true on that machine, so India will get an answer about whether I was faking it or not? BB season 3 got over for me when I saw my dirty plotting on screen. Very few people have such guts to say that I was wrong.”

How important is money for you?
Money was never important for me; I am a very content and happy person. Definitely winning something is important, when you go there you realise that you are going to be there in front of the camera all day, where people are only discussing nominations, plotting, which is going to be in grand finale. That is when you tend to psychologically lose yourself.

Everyone had problem of credit crunch, and fashion industry was not exception to this. This was one of the reasons to come in the show but that does not mean I don’t have bank balance. For the survival it was difficult, as the kind of lifestyle we live in, our expenditure is more than our income. ”

What was your routine in the house?
We get up at 8 o’ clock and I was the first one who used to get ready in my glamorous outfit. Then you have your breakfast, then you get only three vegetables alternately its methi and palak, you get very irritated eating it, so we sit down and take out all the leaves of these vegetables, then you cook, then you bitch and gossip. I was the one who used to often do cleaning work; I cleaned all toilets,
utensils, and floor. Only I didn’t cook much.”

There question rose about you being a fashion designer, so what will you say about it?
“I laughed at such statements, everyone knows who am I, I don’t have to prove anyone else, if you will search information about me then you will see my New York fashion fiesta pictures and all. I don’t know who is spreading it.”

Tanaaz was quite upset with you, so what is your comment on that?
“If I would have been in her place I would have said the same thing. In the starting we all five became best friends –Tanaaz, Bakhtiyar, Shamita, Aditi and me. We would do number games, whom we will nominate first to make people laugh and joke. I used to make fun of Poonamji also.

Then certain thing happened when I had an argument with Claudia, I came out I told Bakhityar about how she is behaving, one of the persons from the house came and told me that Tanaaz and Bakhityar were bitching about me. They are planning my nomination, which was very shocking to me, entire thing started like that. Later on I saw Tanaaz discussing my nomination in front of me in a code language. It completely broke me down, that time I decided to make sure that I will nominate them. If you will break the strength of two people then other one will automatically break.

On the other hand Vindu, Ismail and Raju ji were against them from day one.Poonamji told me that they have emotionally used me. I was being used by this group to that group. But now we are meeting for dinner and she is not angry with me anymore.”

What have you learnt from the show?
“I will take my own decisions now and I will only believe on things which I see. There you get mentally harrowed; it is not an easy game. At one point of time I became suicidal. I was very broken, that is why they gave us that asylum task and showed me happy moments of me in the show.”

Who was the villain of house?
Of course everybody knows about it, whole world knows it is Vindu, he is the biggest a**hole in the house.”

Rohit thinks that Bakhityar is the strong contestant in the house and he wishes to go back in the house to teach lesson to everyone and play smart games. For Kamaal he says:” Who is He, was he there in the show, I did not see him. Please don’t talk about people who are not important.

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