Claudia on her ouster in Bigg Boss

This German supermodel-turned-actress, Claudia Ciesla can roll out a roti and cook up a dal in a moment, thanks to her stay in reality show Bigg Boss 3, where she was a ‘housemate’.“I adjusted very well inside the Bigg Boss house. I did not know how to cook at all, but during my stay, I learnt how to cook dal, roti, and a few other things. I can cook well now,” Claudia, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house, told this in a recent interviewFurther, in the interview, she told us how difficult it was to learn Hindi? “Learning Hindi was a task. However, I somehow managed.That one thing was the most difficult task for me. I can now understand the language much better,” she added.

Did she expect her eviction, to which, the 22-year-old said in a recent interview “I thought that Aditi (Govitrikar) or Poonam (Dhillon) will be the one to leave the house this time. I was hoping that it should not me because I wanted to stay…but it’s okay. I have no regrets as I’m happy that I’m out after so many days and I had a wonderful time even inside the house,” she said.

About Pravesh she said, “Pravesh and I are only friends and nothing else. We clicked because we are of the same age, same profession, so we had a lot to talk about. That was the only reason why we spent more time together,” clarified Claudia.

When asked on who will win the competition she said, “I feel Pravesh or Vindu will ultimately win. Both are playing with a very good strategy and I feel both have a strong chance of winning the show,” she said in recent interview

This firang actress is planning to buy a house in Mumbai and create a place for herself in the Hindi film industry.

What is the one thing that you miss after getting out of the Bigg Boss house?
I miss the entire atmosphere of being in the game, the tasks, jail life and the experience of being part of all the discussions and strategies. I am happy that I stayed in the house for 10 weeks. I am now slowly getting back to the normal routine of life.

What was the reason to get into Bigg Boss house?
Bigg Boss is a show that is very famous, so I did not give it a second thought at all. Above all, Mr. Bachchan hosting the show made it special. I have got lot of offers after coming out of the house, and this speaks volumes about the popularity of the show.

Do you think you faced lot of difficulties because of lack of communication?
Yes, I did face a lot of problems initially. For a month I was allowed to speak English, but later on I was also told that I had to speak in Hindi only. By then I could very well understand what people were talking, and could make out if anyone was bitching about me.

One of the house mates commented that you don’t know your National Anthem?
See, culture differs from country to country. We never got taught in the school as it was not very important. However, it does not mean that if I don’t know my National Anthem, I am not respecting my country.

You were having a great time with Pravesh?
Pravesh is a very good friend, and we understand each other very well. There’s nothing more to it.

Which inmates will you stay in touch with after Bigg Boss?
I will be in touch with all inmates. We are planning for a night party after the Finale, for which I will invite everyone.

What is the most memorable thing that happened to you in the house?
Everything was memorable, but the jail experience was out of the world. There were lot of insects out there, and it was difficult for us. We all cried when we were in the jail. Apart from this, I learnt to cook Indian food, and also learnt yoga.

What about Kamal Khan’s behaviour in the house?
When the show started, Kamal was simply acting; he was not there to win and just wanted to promote his film. He got very irritating as days passed by. I was really annoyed with him, and wanted to kill him. But when he made his come back, we were all shocked. But trust me, he showed us his real self and was so good and understanding.

Life after Bigg Boss?
I am searching for an apartment in Juhu or Bandra; I also plan to take proper Hindi classes. I have already got an offer for a Hindi movie for which discussions are on. I want to create an image for myself in the industry.

According to you which contestant has the best chance of winning Bigg Boss?
I think Vindoo has the best chance. Even though he got nominated many a times, he has got a strong support outside. Pravesh too is playing the right game.

How was your interaction with Mr. Bachchan?
It was a nice feeling to be interviewed by the legend himself. He is so strong and powerful, and interacting with him was a life time experience.

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