Top 4 contestants for 1 crore in the final week…

The light-eyed Aditi Govitrikar is now out this week from the Bigg Boss house. In addition to that makes Poonam Dhillon is the only woman left now to enter the finals.The Khatron-Ke-Khiladi contestant was rutted against Poonam, Vindoo Dara Singh and her good friend Bakhtiyar Iraani this week. While she was a smart player who Vindoo described as brainy, we guess her smartness cost her the show. Of overdue, she had begun to indulge in backbiting especially against Poonam.She had Bakhtiyar and Pravesh on her side that too had gone against Poonam in the last nominations. However, Pravesh being a smart alec that he is, had soon realized that Vindoo and Poonam had a loyal following and so changed sides. Bakhtiyar however stayed close to Aditi and with her elimination, which happened yesterday, we wonder now what will happen to our Irani man who is all alone against the might of the remaining three contestants.

The Bigg Boss finale is on December 26 and we are sure there would be a surprise elimination early next week.

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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