Politics gets legit in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has introduced a game which makes politics not a cause for punishment but fun on Colors Bigg Boss!Says our source, “Bigg Boss assigns a task to the housemates named ‘Satta’ wherein they will have to select one leader, that is, ‘Rajneta’ through voting, who could actually secure his or her position in the finals if he or she is able to successfully carry out the responsibility assigned to him. The job of the ‘Rajneta’ is to ensure that everyone in the house strictly follows rules of the house and bring to light people who have broken the rules.”

The source further adds, “The ‘Rajneta’ will be saved from nominations and will get to be one of the finalists of the Bigg Boss Season 3 if the person is successful in getting people to follow the rules for two days. But in case Rajneta fails to successfully carry out his duties, imprisonment as well as a considerable amount of reduction will be done in luxury budget.”

So what was the reaction of the inmates on hearing this? To this the source tells, “The housemates are bit puzzled but at the same time quite excited too. Everyone gets into voting for their favorite Rajneta and eventually Poonam emerges as the winner with maximum votes. Hearing this, Pravesh, Bhakhtyar and Aditi approach Poonam asking her not to accept the position and instead give this responsibility to Kamaal.”

So does Poonam give up her position? Will Kamal start his bitching act, given this opportunity? Watch it on Bigg Boss at 9 pm on Colors.

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