Lead of Uttaran talks ITA Awards

Nandish Sandhu aka Veer is looking forward to perform with his on-screen wife Tapasya(Rashmi Desai) on the eve of Indian Television Academy Awards.We spoke to Nandish aka Veer about his performance.“I am looking forward for this award function where myself and Rashmi will be performing on two songs-Kuke Kuke and Manko and in these two songs even dancing style is also different old style like Raj Kapoor-Nargis and Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaz.Its very difficult to dance like them but slowly and gradually I’m improving and I hope I will do justice in their dancing format.”

Further, he told us, “I am nervous though it’s not my first performance on stage but still some kind of nervousness comes. Even Rashmi is very nervous but I must say she is very good in dancing as compared to me.Initially there was no comfort level but now with 7 days of rehearsals we are sharing a good comfort level.”

About managing time between the shoots and rehearsals he said, “Its very difficult to manage both because there is no fixed time for rehearsals as it depends on our shooting timings. If we pack up by 10 pm in the night then after the shoot we have to rehearse at least for 2 hours. However I’am enjoying this juggling and I hope everything will go fine.”

The actor is looking forward though he is not nominated but still he feels that, “Its an great opportunity to meet my earlier co-actors,directors and technicians and so it will fun-nervousness and entertaining.”

Report By:Dhanashri Kulkarni

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