Ashita Dhawan to take a break from Bidaai

Ashita Dhawan known as Malti bhabhi of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai will be taking a break from the show for her marriage soon in January and her other character will wrap up in some time.Since Ashita is tying the knot with her beau Sailesh Gulabani in January she will take a break.” I will take a break for 15 days. I have already spoken to the production house of Bidaai about it. I have informed them that from January 15 until January 31, I will not be able to shoot. However I really do not know what they are going to do with my character .But I will definitely continue working after the wedding. It is not that I will leave acting. In fact you never know I might be seen in more shows after my wedding.”

She plays a very lively character of Bubbly in Ladies Special,” We always had in a contract that our show will have 104 episodes, which means it will go on for at least six months. So in the show, Bubbly has got cancer and the doctors have told her that she has just three months in her hand, therefore Bubbly wants to enjoy all these three months, she is considering herself lucky that at least she knows when she will die, she wants live her life to the fullest .She has always supported everyone in the show and actually now her track has started full flegedly.”

Ashita is not sad that her character will not be there in the show anymore.” If my track would have ended and the show would have been still on air then I would have felt bad but the show is also ending soon, so it is fine .I am happy that my character was loved by everyone and they are feeling bad that she is dying in the show.”

Ashita is getting married on January 20 next year and is also excited to work with Shailesh if they will get a good script.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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