Harsh words made eliminate from Comedy Circus

As if being eliminated from a reality show wasn’t bad enough, actor Harsh Chhaya is facing his teammates’ wrath too. Harsh, who is a part of Comedy Circus, was eliminated from the show on November 17 along with teammates, Uttaran actress Tina Dutta and stand-up comedian Jimmy Moses.Tina and Jimmy allege that had Harsh performed better, they would still be competing in the show.Explaining why they were eliminated, Jimmy says, “Tina was a good performer and Harsh started off well too but then his performance slackened. He could not devote the required time to rehearse our acts. His ‘I am a big actor, I will not rehearse’ attitude became apparent gradually. Tina is a part of a popular serial too but she always had time for rehearsals.”

Tina says, “As a team, we definitely could have done with more rehearsing. There was lack of communication between us and our viewpoints were always different. Harshji was pretty good initially but later his act left much to be desired.”

Jimmy adds, “Harsh got confused. This often happens when an actor tries his hand at stand-up comedy. Confusion mein phir problem ho jata hai. They are celebrities while we do stand-up comedy. We know when to throw in the extra punch essential in comic acts. But in Harsh’s case, he is a good actor so he couldn’t ham. This is precisely why his performance was always underplayed. Ye karte karte ego problem ho jata hai. Ye acting ka khel nahi hai, ye comedy hai.”

Harsh, on the other hand, says, “My work, and Jimmy and Tina’s work is there for all to see. I do not see the need to defend myself. Woh ladki (Tina) ki mere saamne khade rehne ki aukaad nahi hai, woh kya baat karegi mere bare mein? She doesn’t even know Hindi properly and cannot speak even one line without stammering. I’ve been acting since the last decade and this girl thinks she is better than me?”

Referring to Uttaran, Harsh adds, “This is what daily shows do… they pick up any girl and make her the lead actress. This girl can’t act to save her life. She doesn’t even know Hindi. I do not see the need to react to what a stupid girl, who cannot speak without stuttering, has to say about me. Don’t even get me started on her supposed talent as an actor. Jimmy is a good stand-up comedian but he needs to work on his acting. As for me, working with two other people as a team is a new thing. I need to learn to adjust.”

Report By: Sonali Shah

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