Aahat coming back to scare you

For everyone who grew up watching the popular television serial Aahat, it’s time to be scared again. For Aahat will soon be back on the television screens, promising viewers haunted houses, ghost, re-incarnations stories and occurrences by paranormal forces.Telling us about Aahat, our source reveals, “Unlike the last three seasons, the new season will have three young researchers who are part of an institute on paranormal sciences. As these youngsters delve deeper into the subject, the story will unfold under mysterious circumstances. These three characters will be constant through the season, not just for a few episodes. The new season will be aired from a seemingly appropriate Friday the 13th of this month.”

BP Singh, the director and the producer confirms the return of Aahat. He further says, “I hope we are able to terrify the viewers. Many horror serials follow a particular format, but we are trying to break away from the regular way of storytelling. We have different subjects through the season, keeping in mind the modern day sensibilities.”

Report By: Sonali Shah

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