Rani walks out of DPL

Rani Mukerji who earned the title of DPL ki Rani by the show refused to judge Dance Premier League until the show’s format is altered.Furthermore, Rani has abruptly asked the show’s producers, Cineyug not to make her resume her position as the judge until her demands are met. The incident happened at a studio in Chembur.About this complete incident, a source said in the press, “Rani doesn’t want the DPL participants to be eliminated starting this level (Level 5). She is of the opinion that the DPL winner must be chosen from the existing participants. As a result, the channel and the DPL producers Cineyug are in a fix. They are in no position to stand by her diktat as the show has already completed more than 60 per cent of its running time. In addition, the format of the show cannot be changed overnight, as it will involve a lot of planning.”

The vice-president of the channel, Danish Khan, said in the press, “We are only interested in the final product. Cineyug, who make this show for us, will be the right people to talk to you about this.”

Mohammed Morani of Cineyug confirmed the story and said in the press, “I was out of town when Rani walked out of the show. I do not know why Rani does not want eliminations to happen at this level. We have reached Level 5 in the show and need to carry out the eliminations to make the contest interesting. We are trying to explain this to her.”

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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