On hostile ground

Characters Tapasya and Ichcha on the TV show, Uttaran, got along well when they were young, but are at loggerheads now that they play grown-ups after the generation leap. In real life too, Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) and Tina Dutta (Ichcha) are hostile towards each other. Rashmi’s closeness to co-star Nandish, who plays Veer, is also a hot topic of discussion on the sets.As soon as the director wraps up a shot, the two girls retire in different corners of the set. Our source from the sets reveals, “Tina and Rashmi are nearly the same age. We thought they would have fun together and be comfortable with each other. But in reality, they can barely stand each other.”

Recently, Tina refused to give an interview jointly with Rashmi for a TV channel on their sets at Vikroli. “Please interview me separately; I am uncomfortable in Rashmi’s presence,” Tina is said to have told the interviewer.

Explaining the bone of contention, our source adds, “Rashmi and Tina both feel that their role is lesser than the other. There’s constant comparison between them. Also, Rashmi and Nandish’s body language suggest they are dating.”

Rashmi says, “Nandish and I are very good friends.”

Tina refuses to acknowledge the enmity and says, “People were also saying that we fought in the make-up room recently… All that is loose talk. And as far as the joint interview goes, maybe both of us weren’t free at the same time.”

Report by: By Vickey Lalwani

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