Karan & Nisha together for forever

Karan Mehra known as Naitik of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and his girl friend Nisha Rawal know best how to be with each other even after having a hectic professional life.Both of them feel that there should not be any rules made in the relation,” He likes to surprise me, we are mature individuals now and he does lots of things to surprise me like he will say that he will be late and come early, pick me up and ,take me for long drive or dinner. I consider that we are very lucky that we manage to get time for each other. In fact to spend quality time with each other we have joined a gym together so that we can work out and be together at the same time.”

She confesses that it is very difficult to catch up with each other after his show has become seven days a week,” We are professionals and I am from the same industry so I can understand very well ,when he started this show we were mentally prepared for it, initially it was not easy but slowly we did adjust to it. Further, I feel that as I am also part of this show, so whenever we meet we talk about scenes, telecast and everything and I am happy for Karan’s success.”

Nisha is also fine with the female attention which Karan gets,” He handles that very well ,whenever we go out his fans click our pictures, so they have accepted both of us so well and I have never seen a couple loved so much by their fans ,I love them as much Karan do. I do not feel jealous at all and I think it helps our relation to go stronger.”

However the couple is not ready to tie the knot, they still want to settle down in their career.” We have not decided any date as of now, I am looking for work in TV, I have been getting lots of offers but I just want to wait for the right script. I am open to adventurous reality shows and both of us love dance too ,so I would love to be part of a reality show along with Karan, it would be great to spend time with him and when he is there with me I feel that half of the tension is sorted. As far as movies are concerned I am not looking forward to it, if something interesting will come then I will accept it otherwise it is fine, but in TV I really want to do a show on a good channel and in prime time slot.”

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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