Karan Mehra gets a new car!

Karan Mehra aka Naitik of Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta is a happy man; for after struggling in Mumbai for five years he’s gotten himself a sweet reward!Karan says, “Yes, I’m really excited about my new car Honda City ZMD, which arrives tomorrow. After doing my time travelling in buses, trains and autos during the past five years in Mumbai, I’m finally getting my own ride. What adds to my happiness is that on this occasion I even have my brother along with me.”Apparently like every decision of Karan, even this was made by him and Nisha together. Says Karan, “The car had been on my mind for a very long time. But when it came to picking up a color, Nisha and I chose together. We rounded in on a metallic grey shade.”

So will he let Nisha to drive the car? “Why not?” comes the quick reply, “In fact Nisha is one of the smoothest drivers I know. I haven’t seen any other female drive so nicely!

Congratulations to the actor on his new car!

Report By: Susan Jose, Ranjini Nair

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