Jaya reveals her introvert side

Jaya Binju aka Rukmani of Ananda Telefilms and Sahara One’s Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des talks how inspite of facing the camera boldly and connecting to the audience in an easy manner, she has trouble socializing with real people.”I can relate to Rukmani effortlessly,” says Jaya, “She hides her face from people because of her scar. The scar always acts as a hurdle between her and the society. Even though I’m not disfigured like Rukmani, I’m a born introvert. I have a hard time mingling with people and making new friends.”However Jaya is working to improve her social skills. She says, “I’m on my way towards coming out of my shell. I think I’ve made some improvements (smiles).”

Jaya is having a whole new experience portraying Rukmani. She says, “This character is brought to life with a lot of difficulty. First of all four makeup artists work to get the scarred look right. And then Rukmani does a lot of physical work. For us actresses just handling a sari is tough(laughs) and here is Rukmani who wears the sari, makes sure the palloo is over her head and goes to the pond to gather clay and make Krishna statues! It is indeed strenuous! But as an actor it gives me a lot of space to grow.”

So why should viewers watch Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des? “Everyone in their lives has to face a lot of rejection and dejection. Our soap will show viewers through Rukmani, how even after a heavy fall which happens for no fault of the individual a lot of times, one can dust off the dirt and get going again!” she signs off.

Well, that sure seems like good message!

Report By: Susan Jose

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