Vinod Kambli talks Bigg Boss

Cricketer and actor Vinod Kambli feels that he did not get enough time inside the house to play any games, which he was waiting for and it was an unexpected elimination for him last week at Bigg Boss. Vinod spoke to us about his experience on the show,

What was the reason do you think for your ouster from the show?“I am surprised and shocked, I don’t believe in this decision, I think people still wanted to see me on the show. However this game is like this only, as I was myself in the show. I did not play any games, I just wanted to have that experience. I have seen previous seasons of this show. These two weeks were challenging.

When you are living with unknown people under one roof it is very difficult, knowing that these people are going to back bite about you. I have gone through that in my real life as well, so these thing does not affect me. Bigg Boss played a very big game there, he came in between and balled a googly, he showed the entire clipping of planning.

I was just waiting that somebody should come forward and attack me, but nobody dared to come forward in front of me and I will react to that, but they only asked me about my cricket and all that. For example Kamaal came very late for me, if he would have entered earlier then the scene would have been different.”

What attracts you towards reality shows?
I want to do whatever is possible on this earth; I just want to take in the experience. I do shows which I choose. l don’t believe in doing each and every show. I am selective about what I am doing. You tell me what is next; I will surely do that show also.”

Why do you think that your co-mates had nominated you?
“My wife was watching this show and she told me that she did not expect me to come out of the show so soon. But it is a game, the reason was given to me is that I am not a controversial person. I don’t do back biting for TRP’s.

I was living my normal life over there. I did all the work, did the entertainment part, which I think is not been shown to the people. I did my best to survive there, 14 days were good enough for me, and still I thought that I should have been given more chance.”

With whom did you gel well?
“I think I gelled with everyone, I was more close to Vindoo, even though in the clip I got to know that he was also behind all the plotting. I will forgive him for that, who am I to punish you? People are watching and they will decide. l knew that these people are also not like this, they are playing the game very smartly.

Aditi, especially when I came to know that she nominated me for what I don’t know. I think she was scared. It was like back stabbing, as I know her well, the way she did this, I was really very shocked. She was interacting so nicely with me, we were like friends. Nobody else took my name, so why her I don’t know.”

Was it like a disadvantage or mistake to enter in the house in the middle of the game?
“I was watching the show from day one, see after all it is a game, if I would have been at their place I would have also said the same thing. It was more challenging, because you were going in the middle where you are not accepted.

They say welcome on your face and show that they are so happy that you have come, but inside you can make out what is happening like why he came and all. I knew this and I did not do anything wrong. I was willing to take that chance. I was expecting lots of things as everything had become intolerable, I was waiting for someone to provoke me, I wanted to tell them to stop all this and be real.”

What did you learn from this show?
“I think I learn’t how to bitch behind the back. It was part of the game only.”

How was it interacting with Amitabh Bachchan?
“He asked me about Sach Ka Saamna and I too wanted to pass one message that I have retired from international cricket but I want to play again with Sachin. I want people to see it again, both of us playing together. I could not make it again in the Indian team. So now I want to play IPL (Indian Premier League) which is happening in April.

I will start working out soon for that. I am ready to be a part of any team but I will prefer to be in Sachin’s team. I am sure people will enjoy it. As far as Amitji is concern he is like an icon and father figure so he knows how to make everyone comfortable and I too could not hold back anything in front of him. It was like confessing in front of the priest.”

Are you ready to go back in the house?
“My bag is already packed and I would love to be there again, I will play games this time for sure. I have contested election also, so for the first time who went in the house was a cricketer, now second time will be a politician.”

Who do you think should not win this show?
“I think everybody, I don’t want to pinpoint any particular name, and no one is simple over there. One person which my wife also did not like is Aditi; she back stabbed me very badly.

She is playing the game and I will forgive her. I will not be holding any grudges against her but I felt bad. I did not do anything to her so why did she take my name.”

You lost quite a good amount of weight, is it for IPL?
“You saw me working out there. Before going into the show I was 82 kgs and I am 75 now. It is not because of scarcity of food but we had no work so we would workout a lot. Mostly food which was cooked there was healthy and vegetarian. They used to send us particular kind of green vegetables which I named like Wankhede Stadium, Brabourne Stadium, as it was like a grass; I named potatoes as Inzamam Ul Haq so food was not an issue there.

Further my eggs and cake were stolen there. I don’t know who stole it but I kept it in a fridge and it was not there next day. So on Dara Singh’s birthday they sent us a cake which I licked and kept in the fridge after which no one touched it at all.”

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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