Sherlyn Chopra on her exit from Bigg Boss

After seeing her in ultra glam roles, we got to see Sherlyn Chopra in a ‘cleanliness freak cum loner’ avatar in Colors’ Big Boss. It was the biggest shock for Sherlyn Chopra, when her name was announced as an eliminated contestant of the week and she had to leave Bigg Boss’s house last weekend.

How does it feel, now that you’ve been ousted from the Big Boss house?
I feel very bad. In fact, I felt like crying when they asked me this question during the live interview and I felt like crying. But I controlled it; I didn’t want to ruin my make-up.

What went wrong according to you?
“I think I could not gel with anyone initially and I would often tell everyone that I like to be aloof , so people must have thought that if she is not liking it, then let her go out of the house. Later on I realised if I want to be there in the house I have to talk to everyone and when I actually started doing it, they thought that I am fake. Further when I would clean the house they thought that this girl has time to do all these things but she is not ready to talk to us.

After third week I decided to create my own space in everyone’s heart, I worked hard for that. If someone says something against me, then I would not react thinking that they will realise that I felt bad. They misunderstood me, I really wanted to stay there with them like a family. At fourth week after elimination procedure everyone told me that they made me scapegoat as they did not have any valid reason for it. After listening to all this I was so hurt I started crying immediately.”

Why do you think people did not vote for you?“I don’t think, it is audience’s mistake, if you will talk about votes from inmates then Vindooji got 5 and I got 8 votes, so majority people voted me. But I don’t know how many people have voted for Vindooji and me. I am pretty confident I am not out of the house because of getting fewer votes from audience.

I did ask channel also and they told me that they can’t tell me everything accurately but they told me that if your inmates had supported you then you would have survived in the house for a long time.”

Do you consider friendship with Kamal Khan was your mistake?“It was the reason why I am out of the house today. I started talking to him because initially he would do comedy, I would sit and laugh on it, he would bitch about everyone and I would listen to it. Everyone thought that this girl also says wrong things about us(housemates). Buri sangat ka asar hamesha bura hota hai so that is what happened with me.

He was entertaining for first few days but later on he gave importance to TRP’s over humanity. He often told everyone that he is promoting himself and me. I realised that he can do anything for TRP and that time I started maintaining distance from him. Then he threw a bottle on Rohit, so I decided to stop interacting with him, thinking that I could be the next target as well.”

On the contrary Kamal has been telling everyone that he sacrificed for you, so what is your reaction to this?
She pauses and says:”Good joke, I think unhone apne pair par kulhadi maari. If he would have not thrown that bottle then he would have been in the game today. Then we could have got a chance to know whom junta chooses. But I think it was god’s wish that I did not have to compete with him.”

What do you have to say regarding the whole concept of Big Boss?
It’s a very great centre for character development. It’s something which a person with a lot of patience can win. I got to identify my weak spots… that I’m low on tolerance and that I let the resentment filled inside of me get the best of me. And this should not have happened. I let my dysfunctional family shape up the way I socialize. Now I realize I’ve got let all that go and be friendly with everyone.

Do you think career wise you made a good move?
Yes, because here audiences got to see my true colours. They’ve seen the loud and glamorous Sherlyn. They’ve seen Sherlyn as someone who likes to do ‘angpradarshan'(exhibit her body). Through Big Boss they saw that I have a shy side of me. That I’m soft, I’m quite. I think I connected to the audience on a personal level.

What have you gained from the show?
I have realised my weakness, it is not like that I was not aware about it, like tolerance level, resentment. I told this to Amitji also when he asked me that even after reading the Bible, so how come I could not recognise what is right and what is wrong, I told him that there is lot of resentment in me, as I don’t have good relation with my family.

Career wise I think audience got to see me in very different avatar ,they used to think that I am outrageous, she likes to sport bikini, in all these four weeks they got to see that I am a shy girl, polite, silent, and do not like loud characters, now they know what Sherlyn is like this in reality.”

Has your motive of coming into the show been fulfilled?
“No, I wanted to be inside the house for a long time, till the end, I knew that I had all those qualities of a winner. I cried like hell after getting out of the house, I thought whatever happened with me was bad, I am not a loser. However later on I thought that whatever happens, it happens according to god’s wish and may be I was not capable of living there.

Whose behaviour surprised you the most?
“I think it would be Vindooji, the way he reacted when I gave him the task of cleaning the house. I told him that his personality is strong, he is son of Dara Singh, so it would not be so hard for him to do cleaning work for a week. If I would have given this task to Rohit then that would have been injustice and I would have felt bad, as his personality is not suitable for it.

But Vindoo abused me when I gave him that task, I could not realise what is happening, I was thinking that is it like hallucination or is this reality. He was continuously abusing me, so that time I came to know that he really felt bad. I consider him as my brother and still he was threatening me.”

Why did you assign Vindoo the task?
Yes, I wanted to say his reaction surprised me the most. I never thought he would take so much offence over me assigning him the task. I thought if I’ll ask Rohit, it would sadden me because Rohit is so slim and fragile he couldn’t have handled it well. Vindoo is so strong with such a muscular body; he was the apt person to carry out the task. For a few seconds I was stunned … I couldn’t comprehend the flow of expletives coming out of his mouth. It was only after a few minutes that I realized that he is very much upset with me. And that he has a lot of problem with what I asked him to do.

Will you accept Kamal’s offer of being part of his film?
“He has offered his movie to everyone, Claudia, Amitji and will you believe it, as far as acting in his film is concerned whenever I will think about retirement I will act in his film.”

Since you say, in real life you are a calm and shy person, will we be seeing you in deglamorized roles on-screen too?
No, not yet. I’m just not ready for experimental cinema.

So what’s next on the agenda for you?
I’m planning to approach Adita Chopra for Afghan and Karan Johar. Let’s hope some good things work out.

Who do you think will win Big Boss Season 3?
I can’t just name one person. many are capable…Raju, Shamita, Poonamji…and a few others.

Sherlyn thinks that Rohit is a smart player and fake in the show. And about this show she feels that, it is a great centre for character development and people who have strong character can only survive in the show. Now she also wants to approach Yashraj Banner and Karan Johar for a film, and she explains that right now all she wants is success in her career.

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