Bigg Boss was a shocking – Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty was given an option to walk out of the show last week itself, when she came to know about her sister Shilpa’s marriage, but she decided to stay back for a week and then walk out of the show.Shamita expressed her feelings after coming out of the house.
Was it all planned?
“Not at all, when I went inside the house that time I knew that Shilpa will be getting married on January 17, but obviously I was not going to talk about it. I got a chance to talk to Shilpa after coming out but that is also for only 5 minutes. I knew that she wanted to get married this year, due to Sunny Deol’s shooting schedule, she decided to get married in January as in December the planetary positions were not good for her .She believes in astrology, so the date was fixed for January, this is what I learnt from my mother. I think her shooting got cancelled which was supposed to happen in November. I have not spoken to her at length, so I really can’t tell you the reason why her wedding is happening so soon.”

How did you react when you got to know about Shilpa’s wedding?
“Pravesh informed about it the next day that Shilpa got engaged and that she is getting married in November and when I asked him again he said that he does not know the dates properly. I was very confused, irritated and angry too as I got to know such a big news from stranger, but Bigg Boss did not even inform me anything about it. I was continuously requesting BB to call me in the confession room. I wanted to know that if she is really getting married this month then I want to get out now. On the third day, he called me and gave me box of Ladoo, and there was one envelop which I recognized immediately. On the cover, it was written that we want to see a child in me more often and keep smiling; I started crying there and then. I was quite frustrated.”

What was the procedure of coming out of the house?
“I just told them that I want to come out, no game show is bigger than my family. I was given an option in that letter which I got in confession room. My mother told me that Shipla is shooting till November 10 and till November 13 Raj is not there, my family was out of town till November 13 .Mummy told me that if I would have come out of the house that time then she would not able to come here to receive me and I can come on November 13. I told BB that I want at least half an hour to decide about it. I wanted to see my family first whenever I would come out of the house. I came out of the confession room and informed everyone that these are the options given to me, before I could complete my sentence, they told me that no you are staying one more week. I was so happy to know that they all love me so much, that they are taking this decision for me, therefore I spent one more week there.”

Did you feel bad that you could not attend Shilpa’s engagement?
“I really felt bad and I was angry as well .But in that letter Shilpa very sweetly wrote “there is one more thing I want to tell you ,I can’t keep this in me anymore, I got engaged” in capital letters, bracket gulp ,”I am really really sorry ,the wedding has been preponed.” It was written so cutely, I was sad that I missed such an important day. I was happy to hear all that but I did not think negatively, that if she would have informed me before I would come out of the show there and then. Now I am just waiting to go home and hug my sister, father and Raj, and just meet them and be with them.”

Will you come back in the show?
“Honestly speaking, I have just come out of the show and this fact is just sinking into me .I want to go home first ,prepare for the wedding want to attend wedding ,and the wild card entry is too long for me.”

How will you prepare for the wedding in so less time?
Luckily before I entered in the house, I had spoken to Tarun Thihalani, as the wedding was supposed to happen in January, so that basic meeting had already happened .When I spoke to Shilpa, she told me that don’t worry everything is taken care of, costumes and everything will fall into place because on Monday they have kept a meeting. She has arranged everything for me.”

What have you learnt from the show?
“I have learnt a lot of things about myself, I have learnt Hindi and cooking as well .I want to make one dish for Shilpa which will be Khada Prasad, which Poonamji taught me, it is fattening but I will make it for her. I have done lots of work there right from cleaning, cooking and everything. I don’ think I will get such an experience again in my life time. We all are nice people and everyone has plus and minus points ,but we were living in such situations and such tasks were also given to us that we tend to fight with each other, there were lots of situations where we had heated arguments, but I can’t be judgmental about
it and say that a person is bad and all that.”

How was your experience?
“I came to know a few shocking things when I came out of the house, I did not go there with any plan, it was a show for me and I knew that whatever I will do in this show it will remain with me till the end of my life. So I did not want to hurt anyone over there. There was no enemy in the house, though certain people were playing games. Rest, I have not thought that deeply about it. I recognized Rohit’s attitude inside and spoke to him thrice. It was his habit, and after coming out whatever I heard about him I felt bad about it. I hope his friends will try to make him understand. Further I am fortunate that I came out of the house at the correct time, whatever is happening right now in the house is not correct. However, no one’s plan gets successful as BB’s mind is more stronger than all housemates, I must say.”

As far as the show is concerned, Shamita made friends with Aditi, Bakthiyar, and Tanaaz, she wishes that Aditi or Bakhtiyar should win the show and she also feels sorry for locking Aditi in jail during one of the tasks .Shamita is happy that she got such opportunity to come out of the house for her sister’s wedding.

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