Water cut at Bigg Boss house leaves housemates high and dry!

Another week and another task. The water cut being faced by the residents of Mumbai seems to have traveled to the Bigg Boss house too as this week, the housemates will be taught a lesson in conservation of water by Bigg Boss.This week, the task, aptly named ‘Bachao Abhiyaan’ is all about saving water.However, there’s a catch. There’s an alarm that will ring which will signal the beginning of the water supply from the tank and the housemates will have to fill in only as much water as is required by them for washing and bathing. Filling of the water has to be stopped the moment the alarm rings again. At the end of the task, the housemates will be entitled to a luxurious budget on the basis of the amount of unused water remaining in the tank!

Unpredictable as ever, this week we see six people being nominated to be evicted from the house! The nominees this week include, Bakhtiyaar, Aditi, Pravesh, Claudia, Rohit and Vindu. Guess, the audience is going to have a tough job deciding whom to throw out and whom to keep inside the house.

We were tickled no end when we saw Vindu finding himself in jail, Rohit in a cage (yes actually a cage!!!) and Raju standing in the middle of the pool. We think that’s a great way to teach these manipulators a lesson. The question is: will they learn from their mistakes? Or will they make a habit of making mistakes? Will the humiliation help them see the light? As the game gets uglier, will trust rule or will there be brutal betrayal? To find out tune into Bigg Boss at 9pm daily on COLORS!

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