Ratan Rajput wrestles with a bull

Ratan Rajput, who plays Laali in Zee TV’s Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, seems to fearless and ready to take on anything. After dealing with snakes on the show, she indulged in some bullfighting.An Indya source tells us, “Ratan shot a deadly scene with bulls around. The scene was scary, as she was not only supposed to stand in front of the bulls but also fight with them. She did the scene courageously and perfectly. We had taken all precautions such as medical aid but luckily everything went as planned and the scene was wrapped up.”

Ratan says, “It was great stunt that I and my double, Neha, did. I still cannot believe that I actually did it. Holding their horns and running after them, that too in a sari, was deadly but fun.” Ratan adds that the most difficult stunt she has done was the scene with a snake. “I don’t feel this scene was as difficult as standing in front of a snake. That’s a scene I won’t be able to do again.

Report BY: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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