Shilpa & Romit split away

Shilpa Shinde and Romit Raj have decided to go their separate ways and have called off their wedding after a year-long relationship. After knowing each other for several years, Shilpa and Romit had announced their marriage in September this year. They had even sent out the invitation cards. The ceremony was going to be held on November 29 in Goa.

A common friend said, “Shilpa and Romit suddenly developed serious differences. It was better to be safe than sorry. So, they discussed it and decided to break-up than get married and lead a messy life thereafter.”

Romit and Shilpa confirmed the news. Romit explained, “I am very disappointed. We had put a lot into our relationship. We had a few personal differences which we couldn’t sort out. Someone has rightly said that two very good friends can never get married. That’s what happened to us. We still talk to each other and respect each other a lot. We parted amicably.”

Shilpa said, “I don’t want to blame anybody. Door se kuch cheezen achchi lagti hai. Lekin aap kitna bhi achcha bano, expectations keep on increasing. Romit is a great son, a very good brother, but he can’t be a good husband. He is a very nice guy. But shaadi is not a joke. And I didn’t want anything to go wrong in my marriage, so we held back.”

A few days ago, Shilpa and Romit had come together for a special cameo appearance for Rajan Shahi’s serial Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg, where they got married on screen. Buzz is that Rajan had gleefully told everyone on the set that this was his gift to the couple who would soon be tying the knot in real life. Shilpa and Romit had fallen in love when they were acting in the serial Maayka.

Report By: Vickey Lalwani

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