Rajan Shahi and Angad issued arrest warrant…

In wake of the reactions in Jalandhar, Punjab on the airing of a particular episode in Bidaai, the Producer of Bidaai Rajan Shahi and actor involved in the scene, Angad Hasija have been served an arrest warrant by the Punjab Police..Rajan Shahi’s flagship show on Star Plus, Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai has been put under the scanner by the Government of Punjab for airing a particular sequence which apparently showed the renowned Maharishi Valmikiji, the author of the epic Ramayana in bad light!!.The episode in question was aired about two weeks back, and it was a telephonic conversation between Alekh (Angad Hasija) and Sadhana’s Mamaji (Alok Nath).

The conversation went as follows: Alekh says – Valmiki ji ki kahani padh raha tha Mamaji, woh kya sach hai valmikiji chor se sadhu ban gaye, koi aadmi iitna badal sakta hai kya… (Uncle, I was going thro’ the story of Valmikiji. Is it true that Valmikiji went from being a thief to a saint? Can a person undergo such a drastic change?)

To this, Mamaji says – Valmikiji ke paas himmat thi atma vishwas tha beta. Jiske man mein atma aur vishwas ho use koi nahi rok sakta. (Valmikiji had the strength and self confidence in him. A person who’s got strength and self confidence is unstoppable).

According to our source, “As soon as this particular episode was aired, the conversation had angered the people of Jalandhar, Punjab and they had demanded an explanation from the channel. All would be aware that the channel even put up a scrolling text the very next day, as apology to the certain sect of people who felt offended by this dialogue. They had also said in their disclaimer that the show actually draws inspiration from Valmikiji”.

However, things did not end there, and there have been continuous fights and riots in Punjab, especially Jalandhar for the same issue. “This was brought to the notice of the Punjab Police who immediately started their inquiry. It is also heard that the police team was present at the Star Plus office this weekend to study the case further. Also the most shocking revelation is that the Producer of the show, Rajan Shahi and actor Angad Hasija (who was part of the scene), have been issued an arrest warrant by the Punjab Police.

Telly Buzz called up Angad Hasija, who confirmed the news and said, “Yes, it is true that an arrest warrant has been issued against me and Rajanji. We are presently in the court, trying to get a bail. We never knew that the episode would cause so much of problem. The channel had even put up an apology a day after the episode was aired. But I have heard that riots and problems continued in Jalandhar, and people started to protest. I felt really bad, because I belong to Punjab, and it is sad to know that your own people have gone against you. My family is also here in Mumbai, and they are also facing the heat of the situation. In any case, we hope to get our bail today. The channel is helping us in all ways possible to get us the bail”.

We tried calling Producer Rajan Shahi who has also been served an arrest warrant, but he remained unavailable for comments.

According to our channel source, “The police people were present even today at the Star office, inquiring about the same”.

Our source who spotted Angad and Rajan at the court today, gives us the latest update, “Angad and Rajan Shahi have managed to get an interim bail, which only means that they have not been successful in clearing their names completely from the case”.

If it’s any consolation, this incident reveals the reach and impact of Bidaai as a show!

Report By: Srividya Rajesh

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