Neha Desai’s Rat-tale!

Neha Desai who we all know as Payal of Sahara One’s Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, had an unnerving experience of driving with a naughty rat inside her car!Neha tells us, “I was driving on Link road when I suddenly noticed a rat sleeping on my dashboard. I panicked so much that I just screamed. This made things worse and the rat started scurrying around. I didn’t know what to do! I was all alone. And I was driving on a highway. So I couldn’t just pull over.”Eventually Neha did manage to ‘escape safely’. She says, “I rolled my window down and the rat …sort of… just walked away!”

Neha wants to remember this incident in a positive manner. She says, “When I first noticed the rat, it was lying next to the Ganpati idol on my dashboard. So I will take this as a thumbs-up sign from God!”

We too hope that the rat was indeed a divine messenger to Neha!

Report By: Susan Jose

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