Dead drunk by TV actor Ronit Roy

On Sunday evening, TV actor Ronit Roy was seen driving his silver Hummer in a drunken state, accompanied by his bodyguard. According to witnesses, while driving along the stretch between Versova to Four Bungalows, the actor behaved in an extremely callous manner.The witnesses, Subodh Singh, Dayanand Saroj, Pramod Harale, Siddharth Dongre and Vinod Deshmukh were returning to Lokhandwala after a meeting at a local coffee shop in Versova and were appalled to notice a silver Hummer ram into a moving rickshaw. Instead of taking responsibility, the driver of the Hummer got down and started beating and abusing the rickshaw driver. The shocked witnesses sitting inside their car noticed that the driver was none other than the popular TV actor Ronit Roy.

This was not the end of the story according to Subodh, “Barely fifty meters ahead, Ronit rammed into another rickshaw. When the driver protested, Ronit stopped his car and abused him before moving ahead.”

His next victim was a black Honda Accord which he rammed into from the rear. Subodh adds, “After the third time, Ronit got down, held the driver by his hair and bashed him up. Matters could have worsened if Ronit’s bodyguard hadn’t intervened.”

Ronit Roy tried to clarify, “I did ram into a rickshaw as it was raining that night and the roads were slippery. But I paid the rickshaw driver for the damage. There was no fight between us and I don’t remember ramming into an Accord at all. Moreover, it was not me but my driver who was driving the Hummer.”


Ronit Roy slaps a watchman over a parking disagreement

According to a NC (non-cognisable offence) lodged at the Oshiwara police station, the 43-year-old actor slapped a hapless, building watchman over parking his car. The incident happened at the MHADA transit camp in Andheri at 8 pm on Sunday.

The watchman, who is not named in the NC, was slapped as he had told the actor not to park in the premises of building 28 . Andheri, owing to ongoing construction work. According to the police, the actor ignored the watchman’s request, which is when the altercation escalated, resulting in Ronit slapping the watchman. The complaint was filed by 36-year-old Bharat Verma, a resident of the building.

Confirming the incident, ACP Dilip Suryawanshi of the DN Nagar division says, “Ronit allegedly abused the watchman due to a disagreement over parking. But they have settled the matter now.”

Ronit says, “All the parties involved are not only my neighbours but very dear friends. We had a misunderstanding because one of the society gates was closed and I used the wrong gate to park my car. The matter has been sorted out and things have been amicably settled.”

Complainant Bharat Verma too has let the issue pass. She says, “We have settled the matter amicably. After all he’s my neighbor. It is water under the bridge.”

Report By: Samarth

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