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Anuj Sachdeva aka Amrit of Star Plus’ Sabki Laadli Bebo, tells his side of the story regarding the whole ‘cold war’ situation between him and Bebo aka Shivshakti.It was recently reported in a portal that all’s not well between the lead actors of Star Plus’ Sabki Laadli Bebo, Anuj and Shivshakti. We spoke to Anuj Sachdeva who gives his take on the matter…Anuj says, “It all began when I started getting concerned about Shiv’s depressed mood on the sets. When I asked her what’s wrong, she told me that she feels very out of place on the sets and that she’d rather prefer to be at the college. I understood her plight as she is only sixteen and obviously had reason to feel this way. So I asked her not to worry and said that even the sets can be a fun place to hang out.”

Anuj did his part to make the sets more lively. He says. “I decided to help her out and got my carrom board and Uno cards from home. She really brightened with this and naturally was less uptight about interacting with me. She started confiding in me that she is sick and tired of giving back to back shots. She even cried at times. So I suggested that she take a weekly off. I guess when she demanded the off, her parents thought that I’m influencing her life too much.”

Anuj elaborates, “There was a romantic scene between Amrit and Bebo after they had gotten married. During the scene’s take, Shiv’s father just barged in on us and started shouting expletives at me. That was the time I had decided to stop talking to Shiv. I never mentioned this to anyone because I had it under control… until they started using a ‘dupe’ to do my scenes with Bebo, that too without consulting me. It was as if they had convicted me that I am a bad person and so they have to keep Shiv away from me. I was never unprofessional in my behavior so why a body double? Add to this the fact that scenes started getting manipulated in such a way that I’m not required anywhere close to Shiv.”

Anuj tells us about the breaking point. “But what pushed me off the edge was the statement that Shiv’s father made when my dad called him to apologize on my behalf, which I think was totally uncalled for as I wasn’t at fault anyways. However my dad being the most humble person I know wanted to make sure my work- environment is healthy. When my dad spoke to Shiv’s father he replied- ‘I will see to it that your son is removed from the show”, saying this the actor signs off.

We contacted H. K. Sachdeva, Shivshakti’s father and the conversation goes thus…

Why did you have a showdown with actor Anuj Sachdeva on the sets?
I just cannot stand it when any guy misbehaves with my daughter. You will only understand when you reach a father’s position.

Did you threaten his father that you will see to it that Anuj is removed from the show?
No. the fray has been on for some three months now, if I had that much hold I would’ve removed him already. Why would I bear him for so long?

Is Shivshakti happy on the sets?
Arre beta, she is enjoying her life there! You sometimes visit the sets and see how happy she is.

What about her college? TV actors have hectic schedules, how does she manage?
See, it was her decision to take up acting. Then she has to do hard work no? There is no gain without pain. Now her life has become that way so she will have to take some trouble. There are many children who juggle studies and work.

Is Shivshakti working for financial reason?
No! Not at all! Like I’ve said many times, she is working out of her own wish.

Why is Shivshakti not allowed to interact with the press?
There is a clause in the agreement that being the lead she cannot give full fledged interviews to the press. But otherwise she gives bytes to all the television channels.

So how come the lead actor Anuj Sachdeva talks freely to the press?
That’s because he has a hold over Star people.

Can you pass the phone to Shiv, so we can talk to her?
She is on the sets with her mother. Her mother does not have a cellphone with her. We have only two phones and the other one is with Shiv’s sister.

Later we got a call from H. K. Sachdeva giving us his wife’s number (we don’t know if he had forgotten he’d told us they got only two phones). When we called Mrs. Sunita Sachdeva she said her daughter is busy with the shoot and would call us back when she is free.

Wonder whether Shivshakti did speak her heart out to Anuj which triggered her dad to take such an action? If only Shivshakti could clear the air…Alas!!, we are still waiting for her call, as per Mrs. Sachdeva’s words to us….

Report By: Susan Jose

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