Antara been voted as the most favorite show

Its sweet victory followed by a sweeter one for Zee TV and Drishant Media’s Aap Ki Antara. The show has been voted the most favorite one, according to a recent poll held by one of the leading Hindi newspapers of North India.Monish Sekhri, the Producer, Aap Ki Antara says, “It is true that Aap Ki Antara has bagged an award for being the most favored show by the people. This was informed to me by Punjab Kesari, the newspaper which organized the poll. They have invited the team of AKA to New Delhi, where they have organized a felicitation ceremony on October 1st.”

Even though the entire crew has a packed schedule with back to back shoots lined up, Monish says some members will surely attend the ceremony. He states, “Zaynah (Antara) and I will be going for sure, along with few others from the crew. But whoever is flying to Delhi will make sure is flying back to Mumbai again on the same day, as we can’t afford to miss any of the scheduled shoots.”

This could be a very good way of starting a new beginning for AKA. According to our source, “Aap Ki Antara is all set to take the leap. The auditions for new faces is going on.”

Monish confirms this saying, “Yes, we are looking for grown-up versions of Antara, Abhishek and Billu. Earlier we wanted the leap to happen at the completion of 60-65 episodes. But we couldn’t afford to do it as the children were the focus of much of the critical acclaim and viewer response. Then we decided to postpone the leap by 20 episodes. However, we just couldn’t mould the story to bring into a proper pause frame before the leap. Eventually, now we are hoping to finally take the leap around the completion of 100 episodes.”

Monish’s greatest difficulty in finding a replacement is poised by the great fan following garnered by Zaynah aka Antara. He says, “Zaynah has raised the standard for Antara, several notches higher than anyone else could ever have. So the grown up Zaynah too must justify these standards. This is the reason we are doing a careful and selective search.”

We wish the whole team of Aap Ki Antara hearty congratulations and best wishes for the future!

Report By: Srividya Rajesh

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