Rakhi Sawant: My mother is giving me competition

Rakhi Sawant and her mother Jaya Sawant are not on talking terms for over two years and Rakhi admits that she was shocked to see her mother entering in Bigg Boss’s house few days back.

Was it a big shock for you?
“I cannot even explain how I felt. I have faced all difficulties in my life. I never imagined that my mother will do any reality show or work in the film industry. I heard this rumour that she may take part in the show but I thought that she will not do it . Reality shows are mostly meant for youngsters, they put you in lots of difficult situations, and surviving there is not easy for anyone be it mentally or physically.

There is so much of stress also I don’t think that my mumma will survive there. I am really worried for her, as she has diabetes, headache, blood pressure, she can’t remain hungry for a long time, her hand also keeps on paining, and she can’t even comb her hair. However, inside the house everyone is independent, some time back she could not even walk and on the show she did a nice catwalk, I was stunned to watch her on the show.”

Did she ever inform you about her participation?
“One week back we met in a parlour, we were there at the same time, she came there to get a new permed look. I thought for what she is doing all this and why is she doing it? Now I came to know that she was doing all preparations for BB. However she did not even say a single word about it.

Now she is there and it is fine. It is going to be very difficult for her, as she needs a nap in the noon everyday and it is a Bigg Boss house rule that you cannot sleep during day. Further one more problem with her is that she can’t tolerate loud voice.

Do you think that your mother Jaya is taking revenge with you?
I am her daughter why will she take revenge with me, but I think she should have not done this with me. She should have understood that my reality show Pati Patni Aur Woh is also on air now. She is giving competition to me, so let’s see what happens.

I want to see that how long she will go with outsiders which she said in the promos that apno ne nahi apnaya lekin gairon ne bulaya.I have supported her since from childhood but she called me outsider in one minute.”

Is she competing with you?
“No it is an exploitation, people know that my mom is very innocent, they also know that my reality show is on air, so they played with her emotions and my mom does not even know, she does not know anything about reality shows, they are just using her and this is really bad. If anything will happen to her in the house I will not leave these people.

They have to take care of her, she has got heart problem as well. What will happen if she will get some difficult task? She can’t understand English, God knows how she must have signed the contract. She thought that since my daughter is a star I will show her what she is, so let’s see it is a fight between daughter and mother.”

Do you think that she is not aware about BB rules?
I think woh bechari wahan pe paise ke liye gayi hogi.I don’t know what she thought and decided to go there, but she does not know what difficulties one has to face when they are there in BB house. Rules of the house are very strict and it is not easy to follow them neta ho abhineta- sabki kamar tut jaati hai.When after three months people come out of the house they become saint.

We know what is the truth we have also changed a lot after coming back , your dignity goes in a few seconds. Every one learns lessons there and they come back a different human being all together. I am happy that she is there now she will recognise my true value.

Are you feeling bad for her?
“Yes I do because no one is going to give her tea, she will have to do all her work, she cannot understand English and everyone acts too smart there by talking in English. They feel ashamed of it. You should respect your elders.”

Will you appeal to BB to evict your mother since she has lots of health problems?
BB never listens to anyone, when you fall sick, they do not even send doctors. I will not appeal to BB but Amitabh Bachchanji that it is his responsibility to take care of my mother as he sent her inside the house.

At the end of the day she is my mother and I am not saying that she needs to get special treatment but they need to take care of her health. Further I will appeal to inmates that just treat her like
their mother and please take care of her, talk to her in Hindi.”

Are nervous for your show?
If BB has one mother then my show too has a mother, I have become mother there, maa mein bahut taqat hoti hai it is maa vs maa and no one can give me competition. My show comes at 10.30 slots and BB comes at 9pm. My mother can never be like me.”

Do you think it is a chance for your mother to get a break?
“She always wanted to become an actress even before her marriage, she met father and went to court and then got married. She would often get offers from Gujarati films since she is a Gujarati but my Papa said no to her. It was her dream to enter in the industry, so may be she accepted this show because of that .

I cried when she entered the house as I thought how will she survive. But I am happy that she is becoming a celebrity and I want to request junta to support her like they did for me.”

Will you enter in the show as a wild card entry?
She thinks for a long time and says: No ek myan main do talwar nahi reh sakti.”

What was the reason for your difference with your mother?
Abhishek was one of the reasons, there were lots of things, but we decided to live separately because of him. In first season Abhishek and my mother came there for me. So we have become family of BB it seems.”

What do you have to say about rumours of your split with Elesh?
If such rumours are coming then you will have to wait for it and watch the show PPW. Then you will come to know how we spent time with each other, if something has happened then you need to understand why it has happened. I am an Indian girl and I cannot go against my culture even if I will sport trendy hairstyles and clothes, but I love my culture.”

So what does a daughter have to say about her mother?
I have given blood to my mother and she has given me too, I have sacrificed a lot for my family. I feel proud for her that she is there but I want to tell everyone to vote for her and I will also do that for her. I love you mom.”

One politician whom you want to see in BB house?
I will not take his name but I want to send him inside for his deeds, everyone keeps on apologizing to him but I will never do that, he needs to go in and I am sure he will come back as a changed person.

This week Jaya Sawant has got highest (9) nominations from her fellow contestants for elimination, so it would be exciting to watch how long she will last there.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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