Behind the scenes of Bigg Boss

A lot of hard work goes into putting up a new show, especially a daily that has 40 cameras working 24×7. We caught up with creative editor-in-chief Arjun to find out what goes on behind the scenes of Bigg Boss 3. Arjun and his colleague Tabassum work on eight-hour shifts while the other crew members do four-hour shifts. “This year, the set has been designed by Sameer Chandra. It is an expensive set spread over 4,000 sq feet, and took about three months to set up. We also had to do the power connection, set up the control room, cameras and everything for things to go smoothly the next 84 days,” says Arjun.

Besides all facilities, the house also has doctors, including a psychiatrist and dentist, on call. “The team reaches the location 15 days prior to the shoot. A crew of 250 people is involved in the shoot and divided up into different teams. For example, one team works on stories, monitoring all activity in the house; if they spot something happening in a particular area, they will inform the switcher to get that particular camera to focus on it,” says Arjun, adding, “After that, the editor works on the story. It is quite difficult as content shot over 24 hours is condensed to one hour.”

In no situation can the outside crew go into the house. Last year, there was a leakage problem in loo but they could not fix it, as no one is allowed to enter in the house. Arjun explains, “Whoever is in charge of that particular shift has to brief the next person who is taking over. By 12 noon, we are ready with our day’s episode, which our boss watches; if he is fine with it, the channel’s creative head Ashwini Yardi takes a look at it. If she approves of it, we uplink it.”

Last year, there were questions raised about the content after the channel aired footage of Payal Rohatgi in a swimming costume. But, Arjun says, “We cannot place restrictions on contestants as there is no code of conduct. Even when Rahul, Raja and Ashutosh tried to escape, we did not stop them. Bigg Boss can only warn them, we don’t have a contract where we can stop them from doing anything.” The channel, however, does beep out abusive words and has made security provisions in case of violence.

There are at least 50 security guards on duty all the time and the house is been secured with three gates. Two of the cameras are night-vision cameras. This year, contestants are not being shown smoking; plus, they are only allowed to smoke alone in the smoking zone.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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