I am still waiting for Mr Right

This bubbly actress from Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo has been getting all the attention from across the country for her role as a young girl fighting poverty to help her family. We spoke to Ratan Rajput to find out what makes her tick. Read on to find out more…

How many siblings do you have?
“Five sisters and a brother.”

How well can you cook?
“I can cook aloo tikki really well. I don’t know if anyone will like it, but I like what I cook.”

What is your favourite perfume?
“My all-time favourite is Euphoria by CK.”

What brand do you prefer wearing?
“I am ok with all kind of clothes as long as they’re comfortable; they don’t have to be of a particular brand, they could be any jhalli pulli clothes. For jeans, I buy Levi’s.”

Where do you shop?
Whenever I get time, I go to InOrbit mall as it is the closest to me. I also shop in Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, etc.”

What is your favourite holiday destination?
“It has to be a peaceful place, as I don’t like going to party hotspots place. Himanchal Pradesh is perfect.”

Where do you hang out?
“Most of the time it is on the sets, which is my second home. It’s hard to believe I have been in Mumbai for almost two years now and I haven’t seen Marine Drive yet.”

How often do you surf the internet?
“I never need it, so I don’t surf the net. But my sister has my id and password, so I ask her to keep track for me.”

Have you ever visited any porn site?
“No, I have never visited any porn site ever.”

What film have you seen more than 10 times?
“I have seen Kaho Na Pyaar Hai 14 times.”

How many boys have you dated till now?
“None, I am still waiting for Mr Right to come into my life. I have quite a few ladka friends with whom I do masti, but I never had any one in particular.”

Who are the hottest actor and actress on TV today?
“It has to be Ronit Royji and Ragini Khanna.”

How do you like your current show and your co-stars?
“I am really lucky to get the kind of show I wanted, which is also popular with viewers. We all try and put in the same efforts, and hope we succeed in continuing to entertain people. There will be more twists and turns as the show moves forward. All my co-stars are great fun to work with, and have become like my family. I hope we have a long way to go.”

How challenging is to perform in sari?
“It’s really tough, but that’s what makes an actor to prove his/her skills, and that’s what I have been doing.”

Any word for your Indya fan club?
“I give them all my thanks; whatever I am is because of them. Keep watching my show and give your feedback and I will try to improve myself.”

Report by: Radhir Roy

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