Why Ayub is Faizals Godfather

It’s not news to us that actor Faizal Raza Khan is very close to his Rakhi co-star Ayub Khan. In fact, Faizal calls Ayub his godfather in the TV industry.

He tells us why: “When I came to Mumbai, there was no one to support me; at that time, Ayub bhai helped me a lot. He taught me everything, and I even learnt how to keep rozas while shooting at odd hours. He is a very strong man and our bonding started on the sets of Zee TV’s Rakhi, which is still going on. He has taught me acting nuances, how to face camera, and other small things in life. We have also started our own cricket team for a noble cause which is still going strong.”

Faizal adds, “Whatever I am today is because of Ayub, who helps me whenever I am in need like a brother. He is my only close friend and my godfather in the industry. I really miss him a lot now because we used to have iftaar together during Ramzan, which I will now do on the sets of Uttaran. I am hoping to meet him soon though.”

Report BY: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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