TV actress Nupur Alankar in trouble again

TV actress Nupur Alankar is feeling troubled by her husband Alankar Shrivastava again. They were living separately for a bit, got back together, but issues have cropped up between them again. Alankar is insisting that Nupur have a baby, but Nupur does not think that it’s the best option. Nupur tells us, “I have a severe knee problem and I’ve been confined to bed for the past two months.

Moreover, I’ve had three miscarriages and the doctor has diagnosed some trouble with my uterus. I’m open to having a baby by surrogate motherhood or adoption, but my mother and Alankar are not in the favour of that. ‘Woh kaisa hoga? Uska khoon kaisa hoga?’, he asks me.”

To add to Nupur’s woes, her mother-in-law is under the impression that she has agreed to have a baby. “I think Alankar must have told her that. I honestly have nothing against Alankar, but I pray that he understands that I do not want to conceive anymore,” Nupur says.

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