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Shweta Tiwari clearly doesn’t want her name to be associated with her estranged husband Raja Chaudhary any longer, even if it recently resulted in him losing out on a plum project. Even though they are still not divorced, Shweta refused to sign a joint affidavit, which required her to agree that Raja and she are husband and wife. The show will be shot abroad and he needed to renew his passport. As he needed her signature, her refusal delayed the renewal and he lost the project.Shweta’s signature would have helped Raja procure his passport enabling him to join the unit of the show 100% De Dhana Dhan overseas. Unfortunately, by the time she signed on the dotted line, Raja had lost the project.

Raja was asked to be a commentator on the show along with Mohan Kapoor. Raja was looking forward to be part of the new reality show mainly because they had offered to pay him well.

A furious Raja confirmed, “If Shweta had signed jaldi se, I would have been a commentator on 100% De Dhana Dhan. I guess, the show was not in my destiny but it definitely hurts if you get work and you are unable to do it because of some silly reason.”

The story goes that Raja had earlier obtained his passport from Ghaziabad. “Last month, I had to renew it for which I had to go to Ghaziabad again. When I had got my passport earlier, I was not married but for my passport renewal I had to prove that Shweta and I are married. To prove that, I needed a picture of Shweta and me together. I also wanted her signature to endorse the same. Yes, we are fighting for legal separation in the court now but we are not divorced as yet. I either have to write ‘divorced’ or ‘married’ in the passport application from. One’s marital status can’t be ambiguous in the form. Shweta took 25 days to sign the affidavit because of which I got delayed and lost out on the show,” added Raja.

Raja says that he tried his best to make Shweta understand that she should help him out in this matter. “I called her several times, spoke to her secretary and even sent her many text messages. Par kucch faida nahin hua,” said Raja. “I really needed 100% De Dhana Dhan. It is a good project with good money.”

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