Sara Khan recovers from eye surgery

Sara Khan of Bidaai fame recently underwent surgery because of an infection in her left eye. But despite her operation, she has been busy shooting for Dance Premiere League.We caught up with the feisty actress:“Yes, I have had eye surgery, which is the biggest operation I’ve ever undergone. I had an infection in my left eye that I had ignored for six months. I was in pain in the past few weeks, but I still ignored it,” she says. “But then my face started swelling up so I went to my family eye doctor who told me that the infection had spread and surgery was the only remedy. The operation was last week; it was very painful and I had stitches in my left eye.”

Sara adds, “Despite the pain and the surgery, I was hosting Dance Premiere League by wearing glares. Ali was very supportive. Now, I am taking antibiotics and painkillers and I hope the pain reduces.”

About Bidaai, Sara tells us, “The current track is the biggest twist in the serial. There will be more revelations and mysteries.”

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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